Me And My Shadow的歌词

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Me And My Shadow的歌词 - -肉脸蛋妹妹722 的回答
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    《Me And My Shadow》

    歌手:Robbie Williams

    专辑:《Swing When You Are Winning》

    kids - robbie williams - Sing When You're Winning kids

    taken from 'sing when you're winning'

    duet with kylie minogue

    me no bubbletious

    me smoke heavy tar

    me be groovin' slowly where you are

    notify your next of kin

    'cause you're never coming back

    i've been dropping beats since back in black

    and we'll paint by numbers

    'til something sticks

    don't mind doing it for the kids

    (so come on) jump on board

    take a ride (yeah)

    (you'll be doin' it all right)

    jump on board feel the high

    'cause the kids are alright

    you've got a reputation

    well i guess that can be explored

    you're dancing with the chairman of the board

    take a ride on my twelve cylinder symphony

    but if you got other plans

    the purpose of a woman is to love her man

    and we'll pai

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